Call me a turkey because I’m stuffed!

Hola party people!  I’m currently sitting out here on the beach in Florida (playing here this week) where it definitely does not feel like December.  Hard to believe that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away!  As I sit out here in the sunshine with my feet in the sand, I want to tell you all about my November adventures.  

For those of you who don’t already know, I am originally from South Carolina and am a huge Clemson Tiger fan.  My husband and I traveled to Boston for the Clemson/BC game. It was FREEZING, but totally worth it!  Of course we had to visit “Cheers” while we were there.  When I walked in everybody yelled my name. Get it?  “Where everybody knows your name.”  It was much smaller than I had imagined, but there was a lot of orange in there. 🙂 

Cheers… where everybody knows your name.

Another highlight of my trip was when I got to see one of my dearest friends and my former manager.  He moved back to Maine a couple of years ago and just happened to be only about an hour and a half away so he made the trip to see us for the afternoon.  

Derick came to meet us all the way from Maine

I’ve never been to Boston and I just fell in love with the city.  Boston Commons is by far one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen, and the squirrels…. they come right up to you!!  I made a new friend. Haha!  What a fun weekend.  If you’ve never been to Boston, I highly recommend it. 

Picture perfect!
My new buddy.

I played at  Legends Corner the morning of Thanksgiving with my buddies, Tim Angsten and Tim Baumgartner.  The place was packed!  Afterwards I went on over to my good friend, Elise’s house, as I do every year, and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  Oh, and Elise is one of the best publicists in this town so look her up at Nashville Music Media if you or someone you know is searching for one.  Not to mention she co-wrote some of the songs on my album, “Storyteller.”  She’s also pregnant with her first child, a precious little girl and I could not be happier for her (as you can tell in the picture below).  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I had about four Thanksgivings with friends that week and let me tell you, the struggle was real trying to find the will power not to eat all the sugary goodness!!  I only caved once or twice. Go me! 

Everyone lounging around with full bellies.
Me and Elise – the mama to be!
My other half <3

 I played several gigs in town with my band, which never disappoints, and Timmy B and I also played a house concert in Franklin, TN, where we met several talented songwriters.  I plan on playing another Franklin house concert in 2019 so be sure to check my schedule for that. 

While playing at Legends Corner one night, the band and I had a request for Bachman-Turner Overdrive – “Takin’ Care of Business,” and what happened next had to be documented.  It was quite the sight to see.  Those were some brave women to get on the bar floor like that.     

In case any of you were wondering, one of my all time favorite Christmas movies is, “Elf,” so naturally when I discovered that the Elf musical was coming to Chaffin’s Barn Theatre, I immediately bought tickets, and I must say, I was not disappointed.  A talented cast and lots of laughs.  Check it out if it’s coming to a town near you.  

In our household we put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and all of the decorating is done on the same day because, let’s be real here, if I don’t do it all in one day, it won’t get finished.  I know I’m not the only one this happens to… Anyway, having said that, I will leave you with this picture of a beautifully decorated shelf in my home.  It’s been bare and lonely since the day I bought it 6 months ago (haha), but it sure is pretty with all the Christmas decor.  

If you or any of your friends are traveling to Nashville in December, be sure to check my schedule for upcoming shows.  I’ll be at Legends Corner, Whiskey Bent, The Stage, and AJ’s Good Time Bar… unless I’m playing out on the road somewhere, in which case, I will post those shows as well (if public).  Also, if you don’t already, please follow me on social media. 

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Thanks again, guys!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  I know I can’t wait to get back home to SC to spend it with my family!  Until next time, my friends…