New Year, New You!

Happy 24th day of 2019!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year with family and friends.  I just thought I’d share a little bit of my December with everyone.  For starters, Timmy B and I traveled to Florida to play some Christmas parties and ended up getting to stay for 11 days.  Our friends were generous enough to let us stay at their beach front condo… not to brag or anything, but Florida in December is much better than Florida in Tennessee.  Just sayin’.  Our first Christmas party was for our friend’s company, Pine Lake Nursery and Landscape.  The party was held at Old McMicky’s Farm, an absolutely breathtaking venue – the pictures don’t even do it justice.

The barn all lit up with pretty lights
I’m not even sure how this picture turned out the way it did, but it’s like an optical illusion and I’m in love with it!  Looks like Heaven to me. 🙂

The next night we played our annual tacky Christmas sweater party at our good friends, Matt and Maghann’s house.  As always, it was a success – fun times with fun people! I even got to put on my “resting Grinch face” for the entire show and wasn’t judged once. Haha! 😉

Obligatory pre-show selfie
Some of the gang at the tacky Christmas sweater party

We were off on that Sunday so we went to a buddy’s house for a Sunday fun day full of football, pizza, smores, cold beverages, and games.   We actually ended up playing an impromptu gig later that night.  I guess even on our days off we just can’t stop the music. 🙂

Although the weather was a little cooler than usual for that time of year in Florida, we did get in a couple of beach days.  Tim got to go fishing and caught himself a bonnethead shark – pretty cool.  Looked like some good eatin’, but we tossed him back.


Tim had his fun fishing, and I got to have my fun at this random arcade we stumbled upon…. talk about reliving your childhood.  We played skee ball, basketball, air hockey, storm stopper (one of my favorite games as a kid), and this arcade actually used TOKENS. I may or may not have gotten a little too excited when I saw that.  The last arcade I was in over the summer had a Kiosk to load your “tokens” onto a card. Lame!!  Kids these days will never know the joy of putting a dollar into the machine and out pop your tokens.  What is this world coming to?!?!  The madness!!!

My favorite game – storm stopper. No jack pot this time though. Sigh.


Tim’s face says it all.  That’s right… I won!

Also, judging by Tim’s face in this picture, I don’t have to tell you guys that I beat him in hoops!  What can I say other than… SWISH! #winner.  Between the two of us, we won a ton of tickets, and since I basically won all of those same prizes when I was a kid, we gave our tickets to one lucky little boy standing at the counter.  Seeing his face light up made my day!  You go on and get yourself that top shelf poo emoji pillow, boy!! I saw you eye balling it.  😂

We picked up a gig at Brewers Tasting Room, a local brewery in St. Petersburg and had a great turn out.  You know it’s a good sign when the owner calls and says you are welcome to come back and play his bar any time you want.  Yes! The next day we traveled to Ocklawaha for another tacky Christmas sweater party for one of our dear friends.  These folks never disappoint.. we stayed up probably later than what is considered to be a smart decision, but we managed to get Cousin Eddie up to sing with Tim so that was cool!  Worth it!

Tim and cousin Eddie singing some tunes

Sadly, after this party our fun Florida trip came to an end.  Sigh!  Not before one last walk out on the beach to capture a picture of a pelican just chillin’ right before a gorgeous sunset.

This! God’s doing. No other words.


After Florida, I played a few more shows here in Nashville and had one day to finish up the rest of my Christmas shopping before heading to Carolina for the holiday.  My husband, Mark and I had a very relaxing trip this year (usually it’s very chaotic with LOTS of traveling).  We went to a local bar in my hometown to watch my friend’s band play.. sadly I was sick with a cold so I couldn’t get up to sing with them, but that’s okay.. I was on vacation anyway.  We somehow talked my dad into coming out for a bit. 🙂

It honeslty felt like a high school reunion.  I saw so many faces I haven’t seen in many, many years and it was awesome to get to catch up with everyone.  My dad had his annual Christmas party, always one of the highlights of my trip.  Spending time with family AND my best friends since high school?? Yes, please!

Me with three of my best friends since high school (missing a few) 19+ years of friendship and going strong!
Us playing a card game called “Palace” that none of us have played since college.. but it all started coming back to us


Ok so this is the part where I just post several pics of me and my family… enjoy.

My sister, Lisa and me
My niece, Lillian, with her new soap kit. The faces this kid makes is priceless!
My other niece, Abbie Rae, wishing the picture taking was over with already.
My sister, Lyndsay and me with our beautiful Grandmother. <3
Of course I had to take a picture with Winnie using a festive snapchat filter
My kids met Santa for the first time. Hehe!

There ya go.. some pictures of my family.  Not pictured: my mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, my other niece, both brothers-in-law,  my husband, his siblings, niece and nephew, and my in-laws…. Err…. ok, ok so I’m not the best at taking pictures of everyone.  Oops! 😬 But I have ALL the memories and that’s what matters most!!! ❤️

I got back to Nashville the day after Christmas and had a weekend full of shows at Whiskey Bent Saloon, The Stage, AJ’s Good Time Bar, and Legends Corner.  I was off on Saturday, and since my husband actually got to go to TX for the Cotton Bowl, I met up with my friends who were visiting from Colorado and together we watched those Clemson Tigers (National Champs) beat Notre Dame.  Woop! 💁🏻  And yes, said friends are Notre Dame fans.. hopefully they’re still my friends after reading this.

This was the first New Year’s in a while that I wasn’t out on the road playing somewhere.  I spent the day with my husband; we went out to breakfast, did a little shopping, and then went home just before the big storm hit and watched movies all afternoon (and yes, Bird Box was one of them).  The entire day felt like a Sunday to me and if you are wondering…. no, I did not stay awake to watch the ball drop. 😴  It was nice waking up to a new year.  😆


Well, that’s it, folks!!  Thanks for checking out my blog!! Be sure to check my schedule for January shows if you’re headed to Nashville.  Follow me on social media if you don’t already.  Thanks so much!!

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Much love,