Here are some thoughts others have had about Anna's music and performances. Submit your own review by clicking here. 


We get flooded with press kits and links to YouTube channels from lots of young country performers since we are an outdoor festival in South Carolina, but she is on a different level.  Her set list was very well thought out, and was perfect for the diversity in our crowd. That classic singer-songwriter sound is something that cannot be faked and Anna has it in spades.


                                                                                             -Chet Tucker, Come-See-Me Festival


Anna's second record shows her great growth as an artist. My favorite song is "Wanted Woman" - an up-tempo number that narrates the aftermath of some bad decisions. Other notable tracks are "Really" - about a cringe-worthy evening, and "Mayday" featuring impressive vocal range. The cover of "You're Still Here" from the Kinleys is a fresh new take on a classic song. This singer/songwriter should be on your radar if you like good country music - very contemporary and classic at the same time. 

                                                                                             -Anonymous Fan


I don't normally buy albums, but I couldn't wait to download this one and listen to it from start to finish. Anna's voice is like no other, and I was impressed to find out she writes her own music!

                                                                                             -Anonymous Fan


Anyone who doubts the presence of women in country music needs to listen to this album. From the fun and sarcastic "Really" to the tear-jerking "Heroine," Anna LaPrad proves that she can do everything the boys can, only better.

                                                                                            -Anonymous Fan


This album is fantastic. I have been a fan of Anna's for years. This is a must buy. My wife and I make the trip to see her live somewhere every year.


                                                                                           -Anonymous Fan


On our first trip to Nashville my wife and I had the pleasure of getting to know Anna. After speaking with her and hearing some of her life experiences through our conversations as well as in the lyrics of her music, I am truly convinced that this young lady has much to offer the music world. I listen to her latest release "Story Teller" every morning, and I anxiously await all future releases.

                                                                               -Mike and Karen Martufi, Rhode Island



We heard Anna sing in Nashville and right away knew she was a total package. She is able to sing old country, new country, and rock songs extremely well and effortlessly and has a very sweet personality. Her own music is awesome! We can’t wait see and hear her again!


                                                                                       -Anonymous Fan, New England


I got the privilege of seeing you play at The Stage in Nashville on Sat. May 30th. My friend and I were visiting Nashville from California and where headed to go see Garth Brooks in Knoxville. We stopped in for a quick drink and ended up buying your CD. We listened to it on the long drive to and from Knoxville and loved every song. I know make anyone getting into my car listen to your CD. You are truly talented and you definitely belong on the radio. My favorite songs are "If I have to tell you why" and "Stay." I wish you all the success because you are truly talented as both a singer and songwriter.

                                                                                             -Mallory Grandbois, Califorinia


If Nashville misses out on this voice they are making a mistake! 


                                                                                              - Rob W, Ohio


On September 12th, Anna came to Ohio to entertain for a 40th Birthday Bash. Anna, Tim, and 3 other artists put on one of the best performances ever. She and the others were interactive with the crowd, and when they finished for the evening Anna had a whole lot of Ohio fans. Thank you Anna and the rest of the group for being a part of their event. Hope to see you in Nashville when we come down to visit.


                                                                                                 -Chris, Ohio